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ABKO HACKER MP300 게이밍 스탠드 USB 마이크 테스트 Gaming Stand USB Microphone Test

이어폰 사용자 분들의 필수템 게이밍 스탠드 마이크 중 저렴한 제품이 나왔습니다. ABKO HACKER MP300 게이밍 스탠드 USB 마이크 테스트입니다.
직접 들어보시죠!!!
Gaming Stand USB Microphone Test

막연한 귀촌 생활 3대 8식구가 살아가는 이야기 입니다. 원주시 귀촌 후 경제활동 및 귀촌 및 전원생활에 대한 다양한 영상을 즐기실 수 있습니다.
It is a video to eat and play in Korea.
#GamingPC #GamingMIC #Hacker #MP300 #HackerMIC #MIC #ABKO
#게이밍마이크 #앱코마이크 #방송용마이크 #마이크추천
Today, I am going to show you the beautiful Korean Travel and Game and cooking the family formula in the Korean

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심혜경 : 마이크를꽃으면해드셋소리가않들려요
라다 Lada : 헤드셋 마이크가 안 좋아 어제 사고 오늘 도착 해서 쓰는데 컴퓨터 소리가 아예 안들리더라고요 이럴땐 어떻게 해야하나요? 급해서 ㅠㅠ
김도영 : 제 친구들 말로는 좀 에코가 있다고 하는데 좀 에코를 없에는 법이 없을까요?
박정우 : 가정집에서 쓴다고 하면 주변이 시끄럽지 않으니 괜찮을까요?
이산이 : 이상해요저도이거사서쓰는데스피커소리가안들려요
전주영 : 앱코마이크가 확실히 좀 더 주변소리가 잘 들어오네용

Nagaoka MP-500 vs Nagaoka MP-300 cartridge

In the golden years of audio, enthusiasts had the opportunity to listen to various equipment prior to making a vital purchase decision. Nowadays that is not possible with the scarcity of audio shops, Covid-19, and the cessation of listening opportunities at audio stores.
Thus the rationale for LP GEAR's comparative videos.

In this video, we have devised for you to listen to two of the top Nagaoka cartridges within the MP series: The ultimate Nagaoka MP-500, a Stereophile recommended cartridge for many years, and the penultimate MP-300. To eliminate volume bias, we adjusted the output volume to be the same for all cartridges.

Notes: When the line was first introduced, we auditioned these two cartridges. Along with the Hiroshi Teramura, then Nagaoka manager and former symphony conductor, we favored the MP-300 for its musical accuracy and prowess. Fast forward to the present, we have reversed our positioning. Both offer sound excellence as exhibited in the video. They are technically adept and artistic as the former orchestra conductor who developed the cartridge series. In terms of audience captivation, the MP-300 is the underachiever, a consequence - we think - of its position as the second to the top. It's easily being bypassed being second even though it's really very close to the first. Also, the MP-500 reproduces with better exuberance the vitality, energy and sound stage of the recorded music, creating thus a noticeably captivating and preferable musical experience.

neandrewthal : Something is wrong with that audio, far more than the youtube compression.
Dov B : Thank you for the comparison uploads, they are super useful but it would have been great if they were in stereo, it's kind of bizarre they are not...
doug w. : The MP-500 seems to have more bass where the MP-300 seems to have more midrange.. a better comparison would be with jazz or accoustic guitar music where we could hear more frequency range.
Ricardo A. Seneris : Fine, but I believe you should have used a better album with lots of instruments. Your album doesn't do the MP 500 justice. Nothing personal, but if you listen to that kind of an album you just wasted your money on a premium cartridge.
Fast Driver : MP300 for me
Pop Ease : Correct the azimuth for a better comparison
Eric Graf : These videos would be a lot more helpful if they were in stereo.
Alexsandr Warzar : a
Alexsandr Warzar : a
Jean Rompré : Thank you very much for the upload! I have one question : at 2:19 at the switch between the 2 cartridges, I've noticed that the azimuths were not exactly the same. Do you think that this could do affect the performance of one of the cartridges? Personally, I like the warmth and richness of the low mids better on the 500.

[탑파] 2020게이밍마이크 추천순위 - USB잡음이 싫다면 5위로 가세요

0:00 탑파 인트로
0:44 5위 필라 컴소닉 CM-5010 PRO (3.6만)
3:43 4위 Zizzy CMP-G7 (1.7만)
6:32 3위 조이트론 GM10 (3.2만)
9:16 2위 필라 컴소닉 CM-5050 PRO (4.1만)
12:18 1위 필라 컴소닉 CM-700 USB (2.2만)
15:06 마무리 스펙/순위비교 정리

웹툰처럼 읽으세요!!! 탑파이브 블로그
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[탑파이브] 영상 리스트

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위 설명에 표시된 링크는 쿠팡 파트너스 활동으로 일정액의 수수료를 제공받을 수 있습니다.
부끄럽다 : cm700이 좋나요 아니면 750이 좋나요
박현명 : 컴을꺼도 led가안꺼지는거는 바이오스가서 설정가능한데 ㅋㅋ
빵군 : 방송이나 촬영용 마이크도 한번가자!!!!
난배린이라고햄 : 제가 3위 하고 1위 둘중에 사고 싶은데
저는 잡음소리와 게임소리는 나지 않고 크게 말하지 않아도 잘들리는데 너무 시끄러울정도로 들리지않은거를 사고 싶은데 둘중에 추천해주실수있나요? 그 외 제품도 상관없읍니다.
표뚜루마뚜루 : 형 정말로 영상너무 좋고 가성비제품을 찾을때는 맨날 이 채널만 봐... 형 정말사랑하고 나중에는 100 만 유튜버 되서 만나!
베르핫찌 : 이젠 구독자도 많아졌네 사랑해
yun jung : 항상 잘 보고있습니다
혹시 팜레스트 가성비 탑파이브 제작 어떠신가요ㅎㅎ
개인적으로 궁금하기도해서 ! ㅎㅎ
VENI : 오... 맞춤법...
권용태 : 항상 이분꺼 보고 참고해서 삼. 떡상했으면 좋겠다.. 힘내세요!!
0874 rubberduck : cm1010 pro는 별로인가요?




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